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SD592201-HC HD-CVI 2 Megapixel Infrared PTZ Dome Camera

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SD592201-HC HD-CVI 2 Megapixel Infrared PTZ Dome Camera

2 Megapixel Infrared HD-CVI PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Dome Camera

Model : SD592201

Unit Price :

HDCVI offers a fast and easy upgrade to high definition under conventional cabling environment. The in-house technology – HDCVI – features over-coaxial-cable analogue HD video transmission, allowing reliable long-distance HD transmission at lower cost.

The highlights of HDCVI are the following:

✔  Easy upgrade to HD 

HDCVI technology renders 1080p and 720p HD video format by analogue modulation; which means that the new solution inherits exactly the same installation and deployment as the conventional analogue ones, only offering megapixel high video quality with more details retained.

✔ Long-distant transmission

Due to the fact that it is transmitted over-coax, HDCVI could realize reliable long range and non-latent transmission without further relay devices. For the comparison with HD-SDI at the transmission front, HDCVI shows a distinguished advantage. With general transmission media, HD-SDI reaches 100 meters at most while HDCVI, at least transmits 500 meters by using 75-3 cable and featuring low signal distortion rate.

✔ No latency

HDCVI is more reliable as it adopts P2P transmission. Meanwhile, it features no latency for an outstanding real-time performance and it requires no compression, which successfully maintains the original quality and thus present in vivid images.

✔ Three signals over one cable

In addition, with three signals – video, audio and control – composited in one cable, the solution could further simplify the cabling while ensuring a smooth transmission at the same time.

Specification :

  • 1/2.8" 2 Megapixel Progressive Scan Exmor CMOS image sensor
  • DWDR; Ultra DNR ; 20x Optical Zoom, 16x Digital Zoom
  • 25fps @ 1080P resolution (1920 x 1080) ; Dual Stream Support
  • Lens : 4.7~ 94mm Optical Zoom
  • AC24V 3A ; IR up to 100m
  • IP66 Water-proof ; 2/1 Channel Alarm I/O ; Audio 1ch IN, RS485 (PELCO D/ P)
  • 50/60fps @ 720P resolution; DWDR, Ultra DNR, Auto-Iris, Auto-Focus
  • Choose from WALL / PENDANT Bracket

What is WDR? Cameras with wide dynamic range capability are commonly used in surveillance cameras, video systems, and some medical applications. In surveillance, WDR is intended to provide clear images even under backlighting, where the intensity of illumination varies a lot—namely when there are very bright and very dark areas simultaneously in the camera's field of view. WDR allows an imaging system to correct for the intense back light surrounding a subject and thus enhances the ability to distinguish features and shapes on the subject. (source : wikipedia)

What is DNR? Image noise is interference in the video signal that shows up as grainy specks. It can be caused by low lighting situations, a nearby power interference, heat, or device algorithms. DNR is a technique of removing image noise from a video signal by applying a digital comb filter. It makes images clearer and reduces video file size. (source : eline)


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